This applet was my submission (November 1999) to the Code Master's Java Programming challenge at JavaWorld. Actually, my submission was a java application, but the applet is virtually identical. It requires the Java plugin (>= 1.2). You can down load it here. Pretty easy. Close this window and reopen it after you've installed the plug-in.

   Conway's Game Of Life is a classic. A "Gameboard" is created and divided into cells. The novelty of this implementation is that the cells are trianglular rather than the more conventional rectangular shape. Typically the game is initiated with a random configuration; some cells are "dead", some are "alive" (visible). The rules prescribe whether or not, on each successive generation, a living cell continues to live, or a dead one comes to life. There are also two pre-configured organizations available from the menu - the glider and the oscillator. Both, as a consequence of rather simple life and death rules, are self-sustaining configurations. The random configuration will go on and on until no cells remain alive, at which point you might as well click 'Stop' -- the game will not stop automatically (watch the 'Generation' counter). Select an initial configuration from the Game menu, then watch as each new genearation is animated. Use the game controller to Pause, Resume, or Stop a game. The Step control advances one generation at a time. Sometimes a glider (or more rarely an oscillator) will emrge from a random configuration and live on, which is pretty cool.