Happy Wife treated her friend on her birthday to a viewing of the Addams Family. Broadway musical directed by a four time award winner. Guessing this production won’t make it five. Both said it was awful, so bad I got a call at intermission to come get them. Humor was spare and uninspired, Morticia was not dressed pencil thin, which always made her appear to glide rather than walk, Cousin It was absent entirely (although if It appeared after intermission we’ll never know), and Gomez looked more like the villain in Bullwinkle, never stood on his head or flirtingly kissed Morticia’s arm. How could you leave that stuff out? That’s what Gomez did.

We drove directly home and watched the next episode of Breaking Bad together. Two more left to go and things are not looking good for Walter White ‘n Co..

Discovered an empty plastic bag on the kitchen floor that had been torn open: contents had been 8-10 milk bones. Got the “Who, me?” look from Harry.

Uploaded a few of my phone videos to Utube. This one, captured inside the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Cannery Row, reminds us that bodies in nature are much overrated. Who knew that merely attaching fins to a mouth would get the job done:

Later we met a gregarious seal on Fisherman’s wharf. He and friends smelled like golgotha, although otherwise appeared quite content. Here, nature chose to place a head on a mondo tube of fat, add some flaps for locomotion and call it good. Happy Wife heard cooing near the end:

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  1. Neat sunfish vid! You know, I had no idea that’s how they swam?

    Quick! To the wiki-cave!

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