Systems Biology

In the event your current sleep aids are failing you, close your eyes and listen to this. Twenty-seven minutes.

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Yours truly speaking at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Con conference in San Francisco last month.

Either because the audience was overwhelmed by my clarity or anxious for lunch, there were no questions. Quite unusual, based on prior conferences where I presented this material. As I walked back to my chair a couple people congratulated me on a nice presentation. I started toward the lunch table and a woman stops me and asks me if I had tried using the approaches I discussed to identify the role viruses play in gastrointestinal cancers. I politely said I had not, and tried to continue toward the lunch table but she stepped in front of me again and proceeded to give me a lengthy (I’m being polite) explanation of how one might do so.

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  1. I have not listed to your talk, yet, but I’m attempting to imagine your being sleep inducing when speaking on a subject you evidently must be well versed in, and have a passion for, otherwise you would not be speaking on said subject.

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