9 Days Of Alberta

       Oh, Canada! What do you get when a couple dozen roadies from various corners of America descend on a small Canadian town, dressed from ear to ankle in Lycra, screw, wrench, tune and grease bicycles that cost more than a down payment on a modest Midwestern house, all in preparation to pedal up and down Rocky Mountain passes? Further, imagine that some of these roadies have names like "Woody", "Bammer", "Trek Dave", "Harvey", "Jesse" and "Pokey"; and that before the 9 day adventure was over some would be assigned a new but lasting nickname. Imagine "R" suddenly disappeared from the alphabet, substituted by "H." So that it's not "car back,"  when one wants to warn of an approaching car, no, it's: "cah back." Imagine Elk friendlier than house pets, their skat littering city sidewalks, sentences ended with "eh?", black bears galore, walking on glaciers, men that snore loud as thunder, BLT's and mosquitoes, critical masses of titanium, 40 and 50 year old joint pains, and a little romance to boot. What do you get? Well, allota fun for one, or you could just call it: 9 Days Of Alberta.

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