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Saturday, July 01, 2006



   Sort of looks like a macaroni noodle hanging out of my chest doesn't it? Master 'n Mom assured me it was temporary, there to allow the serous to drain. The vet will remove it Monday. Ha!
   I had surgery on Friday to have a large lipoma removed. Lipomas are benign growths that don't have to be removed, but Mom 'n Master said they wanted it out of there. I was given a volatile anesthetic, and that's the last thing I remember. I began the countdown of squeakamunkas (see FAQ) as I drifted off. Ten, nine, eight...
   Volatile anesthetics have three important properties: 1) inhibition of the pain sensation, 2) reversible loss of consciousness and, 3) inhibition of memory.
    That reversible part is kind of important. According to Master no one knows the mechanism of action of volatile anesthetics. That is, no one knows the molecular mechanism of how they do those three important things. A particularly disconcerting fact for the patient during countdown.
   Anyway, I thought I'd save us all a trip back to the vet Monday morning by removing that macaroni noodle myself. So I did. Early this morning on the side porch. Master 'n Mom were not pleased.

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