The checker at the Safeway asked me if I wanted to round up for prostate cancer.

I considered this.

“You know what,” I said, “round up and take another dollar, it’s terrible the number of women suffering from this wretched disease, don’t you think?”

She never even looked up, her attention fixed on the cash register, “Riight.”

It was like years ago when some smart aleck went to Padua Academy (an all-girls catholic high school) and walked about the campus conducting a survey, asking young girls if they would sign a petition to end women’s suffrage. The vast majority did, enthusiastically.

If there’s a connection here, between the Safeway cashier and Pandas, I cannot say.

What a week and weekend it’s been! 70s and bluesky from Anchorage to Seward and beyond. I laid the entire faux wood floor in the beach house last weekend and pretended I didn’t. All week I’d been fibbing to Happy Wife, “Not looking forward to a weekend of work, but I thought it best if you helped me with the floor instead of tackling it alone.” The look on her face when we walked inside late Friday afternoon — priceless.

So instead of working we hiked with the dogs to Tonsina Point.

Gratuitous family photo:


After dawdling on the beach a while we turned and followed a path into the woods beneath a moss-laden canopy, roughly the same place we saw a bear retreat to several years ago when my family was up visiting and we took this same hike with my brother: