There may be no better place to observe human futility than at a beach. It sets you to wondering if the biological ancestors of human beings actually emerged from the water. An episode in a grander just-so story we are supposed to feel shame to disbelieve. From behind the anonymity of sunglasses we watched with great amusement so-called “snorkelers” don their gear to prepare to go snorkeling. It’s really very easy. First, commit your entire self into the water. Get beyond the surf before you begin to put on your fins. Then, as you bob along effortlessly on the surface of the water put on your mask, adjust and straighten your snorkel, secure the straps around your head and you’re ready to go.

Do not put the mask on upside down as you walk toward the water. Do not balance on one leg in a pounding surf struggling to get one fin on, and then the other. Do not be timid once everything is finally on and walk backwards into the water and fall on your ass and roll two or three times in the pounding surf filling your trunks with sand.

Later, as we lounged, Dickensian pigeons roamed the beach begging for scraps. They exhibited no fear of humans, and were even willing to perch on an outstretched arm. Even without the promise of a nibble of food.

<Ahem> You do see the pigeon, right?

Moving on to things more serious, as the title of this posts indicates, there is a transition nigh. The name of this blog will remain Rod’s Alter Ego, as for years Rufus has channeled my thoughts, however, from this time forward the Alter Ego will no longer be Rufus, although I’m certain he’ll drop by now and then, but another voice inside me waiting to get out. I will use the blog to write about things I feel like writing about.

That is when I’m not writing my book. That’s as much as I want to say about that right now. I have things to say and the novel I am convinced is the venue in which to say them. I don’t when it will be finished or even if I’m capable of such a thing, but the time has come to try, to get the “bones down” as they say.

That said, posts authored by me will show as “Rod”, who you will understand is the “Alter Rod”. Others will post under other names, although I expect these will be infrequent.

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