Tales from the North Country

Happy Wife was challenged by a black bear Thursday, a sow with a cub nearby. Out came the bear spray. Away went the bear. It occured in a park where we’ve walked dogs for years and years. A park where we’ve seen black bears before (never a grizzly), but even so a rare occurrence. She was enjoying an ordinary walk with Black Dog, who cowered behind her when she sprayed the bear.

The Black Dog at the park a few weeks earlier sampling the water from a spring melt

Black Dog’s a fine beast but when it comes to bears he’s no Airedale. In my experience (and Other’s) Airedales don’t brook bears, and they don’t bring ’em back.

School is out. Grades are in. Some students are dismayed, others proud, some relieved.

We are traveling to Wisconsin the end of June to attend an outdoor pool party. Imagine — water, outside, warm enough to wade in.

One thought on “Tales from the North Country

  1. Glad to hear the HW’s encounter was not more serious, and that she protected Black Dog. Did Black Dog give her a treat for the protection received?

    Wisconsin at the end of June. Well, it should almost be warm by then.

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