Taking Up Space

For all of your kind thoughts, both here and through the outpouring in email, thank you. It means a lot to us.

Walked with Harry today at Kincaid Park, just he and I. The trail was fast becoming covered with yellow and orange leaves. Breezy, and chilly — I could feel the change coming. Like most weekdays there was hardly a soul there, maybe saw one person. Felt Lucy, though. How she loved this park. Must’ve walked hundreds of miles with her there over the years.

So many miles; they should name a trail after her.

I once made a conservative estimate of how many miles I biked/walked with Rufus in 11.5 years. Would you believe as many as from Los Angeles to Atlantic City, New Jersey. And back?

Other than that nothing felt familiar today. I once asked a friend how he was doing in the days immediately following his difficult divorce. He said it felt like he was doing nothing but taking up space. That’s what this grief feels like to me.