Redemption Gone Bad

Redemption? No, a bad look. Very bad. Our Cerebral Man by day, widely revered quarterback by night, having been given an open mic proposed to set the record straight, to dispel the lies and disinformation spewed from our public podiums (Flitter, Faceplant, Instachat, Snapgram, what have you). These untruths about me, he began, were pervaded by… wait for it… of course, The Woke Mob!

By this time I’d straightened in my chair, made the video full screen, turned up the volume as high as she’d go. What’s this? I leaned in, not wanting to miss a word.

A little background first…

You remember the game show Jeopardy, where a contestant chooses a category and then Alex Trebeck (R.I.P.) reads an answer to a question in that category. The first contestant to click their buzzer gets to “answer” with the corresponding question. Get the question right, and the contestant is awarded the points for the answer. For example: “Alex, I’ll take ‘Famous Misleading Statements‘ for $400, please.”

Trebeck: “I’ve been immunized.
Contestant: “What was Aaron Rodger’s reply to the question, ‘Have you been vaccinated’?

Correct for 400 points!

Now, imagine the subject, a candidate replacement for Trebeck no less, would have us believe that the contestant’s response in fact would have been incorrect. The correct question to the answer, he’d have us believe, would’ve been: “What was Aaron Rodger’s reply to keep the Woke Mob off his back.”

Nope, that’s wrong. Deliberately misleading people is wrong. C’mon, we’re talking an ethic any sixth grader understands. Woke Mob, puhleez 🙄 . What you did (said) at that presser back in August, Mr. Rodgers, is called deflection. You said it to exempt yourself from the inconvenient protocols the NFL player’s union – of which you are a member! – agreed players would have to abide. At least one of which you personally judge, unscientific. That last would be easily dismissed as merely amusing if not for the fact that you want your fandom to understand you as a “critical thinker.” (Never mind those crackpot conclusions from your own personal research 🙄 ).

No, Mr. Rodgers, you misled (lied) because you didn’t want to have to follow the rules other players – fellow members of the player’s union – had to follow after they acknowledged, truthfully, they are not vaccinated. You evidently think you’re special somehow, not all rules apply to you.

And to think you almost got away with the deception, if not for getting infected with the virus.

Your critics are right, you gave evidence you’re untrustworthy. Stop sniveling and Own It.