On The Road

We’re on the road. We shipped one of our cars to Washington state, I’m here with it now awaiting the arrival of HW and Black Dog. The car arrived days ahead of schedule and sat in a warehouse until yesterday. The battery was dead and even after a jump none of the features on the key fob worked (door lock, auto-start, open/close rear hatch). Drove to NAPA for a battery test, it passed, but barely. Stopped and restarted the car but the key fob features were still non-operational. So I drove to a nearby dealership for a new battery and key fob reset. Amazingly, service was open and not too busy, they got me in straight away, in about an hour I was good to go.

Shout out to Sharps Roasthouse. 1/2 rack of fruit-wood smoked St Louis ribs, mashers, coleslaw, rings of grilled corn. Played well with a glass of Washington State Pinot Noir. First restaurant I’ve been to that required proof of vaccination or a recent negative test to get in. Fortunately, I’d brought my vax card along.

Ukraine…smh. Can we get some adults in the foreign policy room, plz.

Headed further south this afternoon!