And so, I pooped.

For as long as I’ve known myself I’ve been a foot-dragger when it comes to committing to big decisions. It was no different this time. I’d finally found us a great home in a fantastic setting, one that checked all of our boxes, certainly all of HW’s boxes, so the very next day I got on a plane and flew down to meet our agent at the property. By the time I arrived it had been on the market about forty-eight hours. The seller’s agent was there and shared with me that there had been a few showings, but so far no offers. I spent an hour in and outside the house; close to flawless. Yet still, as is my wont, I wanted to sleep on it after discussing it with HW. I credit the wisdom of the Barred Owl in the cedar tree in our (new) backyard for getting me over the hump this time. This all happened back in March. We close tomorrow.