What troubles you? What gets your worries waxing? Nuclear annihilation? The welfare of people whose grandparents haven’t been born yet? Fearless criminals? The death of an Orca? Job loss? Climate change? Vladimir Putin? Growing ignorance among mankind. Government corruption? tRump? Asteroid impacts with earth? A loved one’s cancer diagnosis? North Korea? Racial inequality? The next hurricane? Judgment day? Going to jail? A skin legion with margins? The looming depopulation crisis? What happens after you die? The solvency of social security? Identity theft? Blood in the stool? Existential risk posed by AI? The plight of women and children in Afghanistan? Malevolent alien life? Homelessness? Hunter Biden’s laptop? The duality of light? Taylor Swift’s final performance? The Cascadia fault? Rising mortgage rates? The horror of war? Screen time? Trees? Fake news? Travel delays? The Bucks aging roster? Overstaying your welcome? +/- of micro-dosing psychedelics? The next pandemic? Inappropriate pajama bottoms? Adultery? Getting caught?

Now ask yourself, what might save me from all my troubles. Consider