They’re Coming

Not your average bag lady. For one, she’s not homeless, and two, she has places to put her belongings other than grocery bags. That, and your average bag lady is rarely if ever seen carrying a love-infused latte in a go-cup.

With the bike tour over we’re back to our day to day lives, until — UNTIL! — more house guests arrive. Family this time: my sister, niece, her son and boyfriend. Any time you mention to a long time Alaskan (aka sourdough) you have summer house guests from the lower 48 coming up, she will often shoot you a look of concern and say, “Uh oh. How long this time?”

No no, don’t take that the wrong way. You see, most of us Alaskans understand we live in a beautiful place (nevermind it’s 55 and raining today), a place where countless people from all over the country, even the world, spend thousands of dollars to come and visit each summer. The truly intrepid even come in winter. We understand that, we’re flattered by the fact that our home is a tourist magnet. And speaking personally, we’re glad our family still wants to come and spend time with us, apparently willingly. We’re even happy to take a few days of vacation ourselves to spend time with them, and make plans ahead of time to make sure they all have a good time while they’re here. (Note to self: don’t forget to make plans). It’s just that, well, sometimes, house guests have been known to morph into The House Guests From Hell. The worse ones ask if they can extend their stay!

Not that we’re really concerned about this. After all, this is family coming, what could possibly go wrong!


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  1. Hi Rod. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed a catching up with your recent posts. It looks like the bike tour was a big success. Good on you, as my friend Laura likes to say to mean you’ve done a good thing. Everyone looks very happy in the photos.

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