Day Of The Circle today. A celebration of Roundness. Surprising, really, when you stop and look just how many things are circular — plates, coffee mugs, egg yokes, etc.. Also arguments. What I mean is, if you closely analyze certain arguments, divide the circumference of the argument by its diameter, you find an endless number points which never repeat or terminate.

I’m not mentioning any names.

Oh well, what comes around goes around they say. See there, the concept of the Circle infuses even of our statements of general truth. Sure, other shapes have as well — “you and I need to get Sqaure” — but four-sided shapes do not have any properties that drive the human imagination, not like the Circle.

Like humans, Circles aren’t perfect or immutable. Step on a Circle and it becomes an oval, an ellipse. But guess what? Even a humbled Circle holds its intrigue. The area of a perfect circle equals Pi times its radius squared. The area of an ellipse equals Pi times its short radius (b) times its long radius (a).

There’s no getting around Pi.

See you around.