5 thoughts on “Take That Covid-19”

  1. Nurse here. Leave water running while drying hands and use paper towel to turn off fawcet and open door to leave restroom.

  2. Morning, Rod. It’s been some time since I’ve dropped a comment, though I’m still lurking around. Things are well here in Michigan, at least with me and mine, and we’ve long been washing our hands to the ABC song, and utilizing your Happy Wife’s corrective hand washing suggestion to you. Having four granddaughters, three of whom are in school or pre-school, little germ carriers that they are, and frequent caretakers that the Lovely Melis and I are, compels us to frequent hand washing.

    About this Covid19 thing, which, in the post just prior, you note that the virus seems rather humbly constructed. Do you have any insight as to why we remain ill informed about this Wuhan Flu? There is data accumulating, but much of the data put out via the various media platforms seems contradictory. Granted, the initial data out of China is in all likelihood exceptionally misleading, but as it has spread to more open countries, the data we are seeing does not seem more transparent, or reliable, as the case may be.

    I personally think that the economic side of the disease, especially with the government threatening to do something for the economy, could very will end up creating more fatalities than the Wuhan Flu itself. Any additional thoughts?

    Stay healthy, and my best to your Happy Wife.

    1. Hello John, good to hear you and yours are well in Michigan. Recent news reports indicate Michigan is about to be (or by now was) hit hard by Covid. Not an expert on public health, I have no better advice as to how to keep you and yours safe beyond what y’all are already doing. Copy/paste here in Alaska – HW and I work from home now. She’s not dreading the tele-medicine experience as much as I might’ve thought, even remarking now and then she kind of enjoys it, to my surprise. Unfortunately, one day or more a week she’s perforce in clinic to see certain patients. When there she double masks: one of her own creation, a repurposed B-cup cut from bras she no longer wears (lol) , and the other a traditional filter mask worn over the B-cup. And of course gloves and a protective gown. Must be a site to see when she steps into the exam room.

      Re: Wuhan – All I think I know comes from articles I’ve read that I trust. Most likely this virus (Sars-CoV-2) originated in horseshoe bats (as have other coronaviruses) then vectored through another animal (e.g. possibly a Pangolin) into humans. The most likely venue being densely populated live animal markets popular in Wuhan and elsewhere in China. As to relevant information on the number of Chinese infected and other epidemiological data it seems China has been less transparent than the world would like.

      I don’t know if the coming economic destruction will directly cause more death than Covid or not. I haven’t read anybody who has a crystal ball for that prediction. All I can say is hold on tight, I’m afraid we’re all in for a rough ride.

      Take care.

  3. Thanks for the reply, Rod. Reliable, accurate, trustworthy information seems to be lacking across many disciplines involved in this particular situation. I am unsatisfied with the information available, and I remain a consumer of vast amounts of data. A puzzle cannot be solved with missing pieces. Michigan, at least according to the media, does seem to be a problematic area of the nation. I’ve personally seen, nor experienced, anything problematic, unless consistently empty toilet paper shelves are considered. We remain well, but cautious. My best to you and Happy Wife.

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