Ron Paul In Anchorage

A remarkable turnout to see Ron Paul tonight in Anchorage. He was in Fairbanks last night. I estimated twenty-five hundred to three thousand. Standing room only in the Dena’ina convention center downtown. We didn’t expect this many people to come. We arrived late and had to wait in line outside (15 degrees) for over a half hour. Security was wanding everyone. Poor Happy Wife got cold feet — she wore ankle boots and no socks. Once inside she kicked off her boots and I draped my cashmere scarf over her bare feet. I got the Oh That Feels Good look. After the rally we walked to Orso for wine and dinner at the bar.

Monday am update: A local news person who was at the rally last night estimated fifteen hundred present, considerably lower than my estimate, which, thinking back on it, was high because I doubled the number of rows of chairs in my calculation. Fifteen hundred is probably about right.