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  1. Patricia Connelly

    I love the Nibblet so much so that if I move I will leave a forwarding address although moving is just a dream for me. You and Nancy seem to have the perfect life and as I look at your pictures I can see Carol loving being with you.
    Please leave me a contact link be it email or text so I can contact Nancy!

    I do have my shots plus the booster; never gave it a second thought. When I was a kid in elementary school, the class was lined up and we either got a shot or it was a sugar cube to prevent Polio. No parent was involved and my mother never asked “what was in that stuff?” Then much later in life I got to fetch Dr. Salk at the Pittsburgh airport and I spent a morning with him. All he wanted to hear was “gossip” and I had it for him since I once worked in HR at the University of Pittsburgh. Now I worked for the Dean of the School of Medicine UOP. Is this TMI?
    I do want to be able to keep in contact with Nancy.
    Your writing is great even caught my interest with explaining the science of this wondrous vaccine; it gave us freedom and brought families together again.

    Thanks Rod

    Pat Connelly from SChauffler Dr., West Homestead, PA


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