A Declaration Of War

Speaking of the ubiquity of moose. We suffered a breach of our backyard fence last night by one of these treacherous beasts. Mind you, we’re talking a 6′ cedar fence, and although an adult moose is big ‘n tall it’s not like they can simply jump over a fence that high. Instead, this beast, evidently craving the particular twigs and buds inside our yard over the thousands of trees and shrubs extant in the Anchorage bowl, simply crashed through the fence. He (or she) smashed  ~4 of the dog-eared fence boards, broke both of the supportive 8′ 2-by-4s and forced its way through.

I was inside the house  during the entire assault, barking my ass off, but alas mom ‘n Master were away. I cannot express the feeling of helplessness this Airedale felt having to watch this beast systematically move through our yard, ripping asunder large branches from the Canadian Reds and Russian Olives, then moving on to mom’s Red Twig Dogwood and various other shrubberies. In my younger years I might’ve brought out some whoop ass of my own and launched myself through  the window glass to put the Fear of Dog in this moose. Instead, I could do nothing but bear witness to this pillage as if I were bound and gagged. Mom was near tears when she got home and saw the chaos. Heard Master mutter something about guns and moose roasts in the freezer.

Adding insult to injury, the beast had the gall to leave these gems behind.

This is war, Monty Moose. War I tell you!

5 thoughts on “A Declaration Of War”

  1. Brave Rufus, willing to take on Mr. or Mrs. Moose. I know how awful it is to see those lovely plantings being destroyed…our lovely Fraiser Furs, 25 of them, looked like emaciated prisoner of war trees each spring. They weren’t dead, just stripped of all the needles and stood there bare naked. I’m hoping Mr or Mrs Moose find other sources for meals or they’ll have to pay the price!!

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