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Good Day ol’ Sol, See You Tomorrow

I did not see the proverbial green flash. Then again, I did have two Mai Tais under my belt by this time, and was working on my first glass of Pinot Grigio while I tended to our corn and pita bread on the grill. That I was mindful enough to snap a photo at all felt like […]


Breakfast lovingly prepared by HW. A three minute egg shelled and halved oozing orange yolk over bacon fried rice with a side of fresh papaya. Served right outside our digs on west Maui. Beyond, the sea turtle cleaning station. No tours or guides required. We just wade in and snorkel among the turtles. Fascinating creatures. […]

Another Year On

So, France. Geographically, southern France. We stayed in the town of Limoux at a nice three story hotel that first served as a monastery maybe six or seven hundred years ago. It bears an interesting chain of custody since then, once serving as a stop-over for Napoleon’s soldiers during the French revolution. Now owned by […]

Customer Service

As we languished in the Portland airport – it was nearly 1 am – awaiting word on if and when we were going to get to Frankfurt, I struck up a conversation with a woman who said that because of this hideous delay there was no way she’d make it on time to her friend’s […]

Sacs & Flaps

Happy Wife (HW) took The Black Dog to the vet this morning to have his anal glands expressed. The technician, a perky young blonde woman who he was unusually enamored with, performed the procedure Anal sacs, or anal glands, carry some smelly fluid and occasionally need to be expressed, or emptied. Many dogs express them by themselves every time […]

Plate Boundaries

Like many others (whom I’m grateful for) one of our friends out east texted to ask if we’re ok Help!, I replied, “We fell into a hole in the earth and can’t get out!” I should have known not to be cavalier about it. Sometimes humor is all you got. Lately, even the sky appears […]

Life On The Lithosphere

We are ok. Badly shaken, literally and figuratively, but ok. Epicenter was 8 miles northwest of Anchorage, 25 miles deep. 7.1, maybe 7.2. Numerous aftershocks, horrible. This was a Bad one, scariest we’ve experienced in some thirty years. A few miles from our house, on the way to the airport, which for now is shutdown


Just returned from the biannual visit to my Pain Provider. Okay, that’s a bit harsh. How about, Deliverer of Discomfort. And she wants to change bi-annual to quad-annual – “I think I need to see you every three months.” Followed by (as always), “You need to floss more often.” Okay, that’s it, if I hear […]