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Ron Paul In Anchorage

A remarkable turnout to see Ron Paul tonight in Anchorage. He was in Fairbanks last night. I estimated twenty-five hundred to three thousand. Standing room only in the Dena’ina convention center downtown. We didn’t expect this many people to come. We arrived late and had to wait in line outside (15 degrees) for over a […]

Systems Biology

In the event your current sleep aids are failing you, close your eyes and listen to this. Twenty-seven minutes. (If you don’t see an audio control with a play button leave a comment and let me know what browser you’re using, plus the version number if you can.) Yours truly speaking at the Molecular Medicine […]

The Last Great Race

Outside of a dog a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read. — Groucho Marx We may never know if these dogs would prefer, even if we assume dogs can prefer, to be at rest on a comfy bed of sawdust munchin a Milk Bone. The question usually […]