Behold: The tulips of Skagit Valley. And they’re just getting started! This was a short drive from the Homestead. We stopped to take photos on our way to catch the ferry in Anacortes, which shuttled us to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island where we celebrated HW’s birthday.

The view from our room, with another ferry arriving. The room was great, no complaints, although it featured an extra large, Jacuzzi-style tub in the shape of the mathematical symbol for infinity. Smack dab in the middle of the room. Get yer romance on? I don’t think so. Neither of us likes bathtubs. The very idea of soaking in our own lukewarm slop for an hour, bubbly in hand or not, holds no appeal for us. We dislike tubs so much we decided to remodel our primary bathroom at the Homestead. We demoed the traditional tub ‘n shower configuration and transformed it into a walk-in, spa-like shower. Similar to what we did in our Anchorage home. I gave the contractor a house key before we left and said, “Keep us posted on your progress.”

HW on her birthday, in our room ready to go to dinner. After all these years I still pinch myself to make sure this good fortune is real.