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Intrepid Six – Part I

Here we were, two days from the end, somewhere along the Potomac River, living the dream But two days after this, on the last day of nine straight days of cycling, boy did it rain. All 37.54 miles from Leesburg, MD to Washington D.C.. And not a light rain. And if it reached 60° that […]

Beers On The Bay

Good food. Good booze. Good friends. Good Times! The only awkward part, if you ask me, was eating sea life at an event to support sea life (Bike tour summary coming soon. Bookmark this blog!)

Mile 0

The Intrepid Six. Dappled sunlight. Fetid canals. Wild turkeys. Whitetail deer. Your occasional snake. We overcame all of it to arrive at mile zero. Which in a way was only the beginning.

August Already?

Out on a walk today with Black Dog near our Nest in Seward. Spotted this where the trail forks Okay, GOT IT. Not exactly Thoreau at Walden I’m guessing. Note there’s more space on the board for additional signs. Think I’ll make one and staple it up there next time I pass by – Sunday […]


If you haven’t noticed, the state of Alaska is experiencing an upheaval. Upheaval’s probably not the right word, since it denotes change or disruption that is “sudden.” There’s nothing sudden about what we’re experiencing, I blogged about the warning signs nearly three years ago. Since then the state legislature and former governor effectively twiddled their […]

Baked Alaska, Etc.

It’s been Hot in Alaska. So Hot in Anchorage Happy Wife hasn’t slept with me in our bed in must be a couple weeks now, preferring the couch downstairs next to a small fan she placed in front of an open window to pull in the cooler evening air. The Dog seems to prefer sleeping down there […]

Disbelief Captured

in·cre·du·li·ty /ˌinkrəˈd(y)o͞olədē/ noun     1. the state of being unwilling or unable to believe something. We were at the bar (Thorns) yesterday when I was moved to opine to HW that I thought she was positively glowing today. Neither one of us had showered, and to boot we’d just come from the dump.

Being White

My hard-won island tan has faded like a frightful childhood memory. Like the time when, on a dare, your friends goaded you into kissing your sister. Since we got back home I once went to the fake and bake intending to maintain my copper tone. Except for the UV radiation it’s not the same as […]